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did u notice we got a shop now?

look to the l MENU on the Left, and on the list, SHOP!
in between ("discography" and "bootlegs" is...) SHOP!
yes... as in A SHOP! a STORE! now it's possible buy some of the artifacts and music
(without having me dig through the suitcase before you, unless you ike that sort of thing)... so please, visit... if you have ideas please write some comments and let us know...

thank you to all those who have ordered so far!
i have become a paint-pen artist thanks to you


a nice vic video! and a WFMU guest spot...

on the same night! crazy! ...go to : and hear guests; vic ruggiero, rob shapiro, plus nick fiero, jojo, and the indubitable dj disc jockey of redundancy radio, pat byrne

Phil Nerges and Vic Ruggiero ON THE RADIO podcast

An Unlikely Duo
with guests Phil Nerges and Vic Ruggiero
........Join Sex & Politics Fridays as we interview former Iraq contractor and author Phil Nerges and his collaborating partner, musician Vic Ruggiero. Together, they created the album "Don't Feed the Cats in Iraq." On the show, we talk in-depth about private contractors, the place of literature in war, and why you're not supposed to feed the cats in Iraq.

thur, Apr 24, 2014 - DON'T FEED THE CATS in IRAQ LIVE!!!

April 24, Desmonds Tavern, nyc - the Phil Nerges 'DONT FEED THE CATS IN IRAQ'
Thursday, April 24 at 9:00pm
...we return to a favorite spot, this time featuring readings of Phil's play, live performance of the album and opening acts too cuz we have the whole night. 9pm-midnite ever evolving performance of DON'T FEED THE CATS IN IRAQ with a live all-star band and readings/performances by Phil Nerges himself and THE LETTER OF MARQUE theatre troupe... plus a Vic Ruggiero set and other guests


i make you a woman

my bed is a boat

may 22- chameleon' in Pitsfield Mass... may 23-PRESIDENT'S ROCK CLUB in Quincy Mass.

may 22- chameleon' in Pitsfield Mass... may 23-PRESIDENT'S ROCK CLUB in Quincy Mass.

vic , chris murray, ryan scroggins & trenchtown texans april 19-20 TX

fri april 19 continental club houston
sat april 20 maggie maes austin

blindspot review

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MUSIC: Vic Ruggiero Something In My Blind Spot
August 31st, 2008 by Aaron Shay · 2 Comments

Music review by Aaron Shay
Imagine that Van Morrison is singing in a band with Lou Reed and that they're playing songs that Neil Sedaka wrote while drunk and manic depressive. Now imagine that this event was recorded in 2008. Also, imagine Morrison with a heavy Bronx accent. That's what Vic Ruggiero's solo album Something in My Blind Spot sounds like.
The album was recorded in Germany and released by the German record company moanin music, and has seen a limited release, making it difficult to find. It features Lisa Mueller from the German ska band Black Cat Zoot on a handful of songs, doing adorable duets with a spotless American accent.
Vic Ruggiero is best known for his keyboard work and singing for popular ska band The Slackers, and has also performed with the legendary Rancid on two albums. I'll try to ignore his participation in the rock-rap travesty known as The Transplants in light of his relatively honorable history and apparent awesomeness.
This solo album is extremely well-done. The instrumentation isn't intricate, but it's impressive due to the fact that Ruggiero played all of the instruments – save the horn section, courtesy of Fanfare Kalashnikov, and the drums, provided by Andrei Kluge, another ska musician. That leaves guitar, banjo, bass and keyboard. That's a pretty good repertoire of instruments to be skilled with.
Listening to this album is an eerie experience. The composition, the singing… so much of this album sounds like it should have been recorded some decades before. The biggest problem with that perception is the good recording quality, and also the song, It You?... This one's taken straight out of Tom Waits' 2004 album Real Gone. The rest of it is a big old throwback.

a call to help out THE WIX, aka Chris Qualiana...

an old friend of the Slackers THE WIX, aka Chris Qualiana...
a woman responsible for so much good music and art is in need.
Please visit to support the Wix...
without her, i believe there would be no Slackers, neither would there be so many songs you know and love...
Hellcat Records and Give 'em the Boot Compilation would not have existed the way you know and love them... Dropkick Murphys, The Pietasters, Hepcat, the U.S. Bombs... the entire first roster of Hellcat Records... you have her to thank for this... i can go on and on...

So, please visit and read her blog and donate what you can to help her...
she's got Multiple Sclerosis, the same disease my mother had... please give something back to someone who has given us all so much... i don't exagerate... i have her to thank for my career as a working musician.
Without cris "the wix" qualiana, you might never have heard the name Vic Ruggiero or the Slackers...

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